Academic Assistance / Tutors

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Teachers are available to help their students weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:10am-7:45am.

NHS Tutors are available every Tuesday and Wednesday in the library 2:30pm-3:00pm. Tuesday will focus on English and Math. Wednesday will focus on Social Studies and Science.

Attendance Policy 2014/2015

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v      Brighton High School supports and aligns with the Canyons School District Attendance policy. CSD Policy: JEA

v       Brighton High School students are expected to be at school and in class on time each day. Teachers will mark attendance within the first 10 minutes of class and enter into Skyward by the end of each school day.

v       Brighton High school faculty and staff understand that students will be absent/tardy on occasion. Parents are expected to excuse student absences via written communication to the attendance office within 5 days of absence. Tardiness cannot be excused via written communication.

v       Brighton High School Faculty and patrons will utilize the following codes to mark attendance.

  • A- Unexcused Absence
    • VT- Verified Truancy
  • E- Excused Absence
    • B- Bereavement
    • CT- Court
    • V- Vacation
    • R- Religious
    • HH- Home/Hospital
    • DR- Health Care Provider (Parent note accepted)1
  • G- Parent/Guardian Approved
    • IN- Check In
    • O- Check Out
  • M- Attendance Made-Up
    • AB- Absence
    • VT- Verified Truancy
    • T- Tardy
  • N- School Excused
    • FT- Field Trip
    • C- Counselor
    • A- Administration
    • TS- Testing
    • IS- In School Suspension
  • S- Suspension
  • T- Tardy
  • W- Way Late Tardy (More than 10 minutes)

v       Brighton High School students will receive a U on their transcript in the citizenship column if they accrue more than 6 attendance infractions within a class period per trimester.

v       Brighton High School students will need to attend ARC after they have accumulated 6 attendance infractions in a single class period during the current trimester or a U from past trimesters.

  • Attendance marks that will produce the need for attending arc are:
    • A (Unexcused absence/truancy).
    • G (Guardian phone call without written communication, Check-in/Check-out without written communication).
    • T (Tardy-less than 10 minutes late).
    • W (Way Late- More than ten minutes late to class without Written Communication).

v       Brighton High school faculty and staff support the need for students to remediate missed classes due to absenteeism and tardiness through attending the Attendance Remediation Course (ARC).

  • ARC is provided for all students throughout the school year to remediate absenteeism and tardiness.
    • ARC is a 60 minute period of time where students can read, complete homework, or study. Use of electronic devices, socializing, and sleeping is prohibited.
    • ARC is $3.00 for current Trimester.
    • ARC is 5.00 for past Trimester.
  • One ARC will overcome one absence per class period or three tardies in a class period.

v       Brighton High school students who exceed one U may forfeit their opportunity to participate in athletics and extra-curricular activities, have their parking privileges revoked, and will not be able to walk at graduation.

  • Students who participate in UHSAA, Region III, or any school sponsored activity will be ineligible to represent BHS once they have exceeded the attendance limit in more than one class period in the current or past trimester.

v        A student who feels that extenuating circumstances have impacted their attendance may appeal. Appeal forms are available in the attendance office and must be accompanied by a personal letter from the student. All petitions should be submitted to your Assistant Principal.