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"The future of our children is ultimately involved with everyone's children."

2017/2018 PTSA Board Members

Co-Presidents:           Lori Anderson   801-949-5674

                                     Sheri Casto        801-631-9915

Secretary                    Kaye Esplin       801-673-8833
Treasurer                    Brandi Thomas  801-347-5310

Co Presidents Elect:   Holly Judkins    801-830-3786
                                      Teresa Walker  801-803-3431

Please contact:
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Elected Officers for 2016/2017:

                             President:                    Pam Gremillion  

                             Treasurer:                   Kristin Dickerson

                             Secretary:                   Crista Thompson

                                          Administrative VP:     Kelli Miller BHS VP

We sincerely thank all of them for volunteering! We welcome our incoming Freshman & their parents. We also welcome back our wonderful teachers, staff, students and parents. What a great Bengal Family we have!


Everyone is invited to our monthly General Membership Meetings. Come find out what’s happening at Brighton!  Meetings will be held at 11:30 AM in the Legacy Room.

          Please check to see the agenda (if one has been posted) or the minutes (once they have been approved). They can be located below....

October 4, 2017

November 1, 2017

December 6, 2017

January 3, 2018

February 7, 2018

March 7, 2018

April 11, 2018

May 2, 2018


It’s never too late to support your Brighton High PTSA with donations and/or memberships. We do NOT hold any fundraisers, so every donation is very much appreciated. If you would like to support Brighton High PTSA, our dues are $7.00 per membership. Please stop by the Main Office to make a donation and/or become a voting member by paying your dues – or you can send your payment with your student. We appreciate all your support.



Please feel free to contact any of your 2016/2017 PTSA Board members if you’d like to help or if you have any questions, issues or ideas.

Pam Gremillion                    801-455-2554                    President

Kristin Dickerson                 801-891-6977                    Treasurer

Crista Thompson                801/943-3508                     Secretary

Kelli Miller                           801/826-5800                     VP - Administrative

Lisa Dalgleish                    801-349-5562                     Scholarships

Jen Dyer                            801-915-7120                     Health and Safety

Jen Searle                          801-657-2884                    Reflections/Teacher App.

Amy Church                       801-750-0341                    PTC lunch

Ashton Yates                                                                Student Rep

Kim Steenblik                     801-865-9505                    Legislative VP

Cheryl Harrison                  801-548-3456                    Special Needs

Feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It isn't consistently monitored but we will see it and get back to you asap.

2016/2017 Bylaws
pngBylaws 1
pngBylaws 2
pngBylaws 3
pngBylaws 4
pngBylaws 5
pngBylaws 6
pngBylaws 7

Agenda and Minutes (2016-2017)

docxSeptember 2016 Agenda

docxAugust 2016 Minutes

docxSeptember 2016 Minutes

docxOctober 2016 Agenda

docxOctober 2016 Minutes

  docxNovember 2016 Agenda

docxNovember 2016 Minutes

docxJanuary 2017 Agenda

docxJanuary 2017 Minutes

  docxFebruary 2017 Agenda

  docxFebruary 2017 Minutes

  docxMarch 2017 Agenda

docMarch 2017 Minutes

docxApril 2017 Agenda

docxApril 2017 Minutes

  docxMay 2017 Minutes



Agenda and Minutes (2015-2016)

docxSeptember 2015

docxSeptember 2015 Minutes

docxOctober 2015 Agenda

docxOctober 2015 Minutes

docxNovember 2015 Agenda

docxNovember 2015 Minutes

docxJanuary 2016 Agenda

docxJanuary 2016 Minutes

docxFebruary 2016 Agenda

docxFebruary 2016 Minutes

docxMarch 2016 Minutes

jpgApril 2016 Minutes

docxMay 2016 Agenda

docxMay 2016 Minutes

Agenda and Minutes (2014-2015)

docMay 2015 Agenda

docApril 2015 Agenda

docNovember 2014 Agenda

pdfOctober 2014 Minutes

docOctober 2014 Agenda

pdfSeptember 2014 Minutes

docSeptember 2014 Agenda

Archived Agendas and Minutes (2013-2014)