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"The future of our children is ultimately involved with everyone's children."

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Brighton High School

PTSA Executive Board & Commissioners


Sheri Casto, Co-President
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Lori Anderson, Co-President
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Theresa Walker, Co-President Elect
Holly Judkins, Co-President Elect
Brandi Thomas, Treasurer
Kaye Esplin, Secretary
Kelli Miller, Assistant Principal
Celeste King, Teacher Rep
Lois Kristensen, Membership
Kim Steenblik, Membership
Amy Church, Teacher Meals
Jenn Searle, Reflections Chair
Jen Dyer, Health & Safety
Pam Gremillion, Teacher Appreciation

You can contact us at
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                                          Student Board

Name Position
Kelly Linder Co-President
McKelle Henderson Co-President/ State Board Rep
Claire Esplin Co-VP Membership
Macy Raddon Co-VP Membership
Sarah Petersen VP Legislative / State Board Rep
Anna Whitmore Co-Secretary
Anna Anderson Co- Secretary
Katie Kelly Communications Chair
Lilly Cheatham Co-President Elect
Hannah Beuhner Co-President Elect
Brooklynn Segura Senior Class Rep
Elizabeth Walker Junior Class Rep
Baylee El-Bakri Sophomore Class Rep
Katelyn Linder Freshman Class Rep

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PTSA Position on Upcoming BOND vote

The Region 17 PTA Board along with the Brighton PTSA have voted to support the Canyons School District Board of Education’s decision to include a $283 million dollar bond on the upcoming November ballot.  It is our position that all Canyons District students deserve a safe and healthy learning environment that supports high educational standards.  As there are several school facilities, including Brighton High School, in need of rebuilding, renovation or upgrading, this bond will support that goal.

BHS Apparel

All proceeds from our BHS apparel sales will go directly into our new student scholarship fund.  Hoodies, T-shirts and hats can be purchased in the main office and at select school events.

Hoodies (Navy, White or Grey)            $25.00

T-shirts (navy or gray)                          $20.00

Hats                                                        $20.00


Everyone is invited to our monthly General Membership Meetings. Come find out what’s happening at Brighton!  Meetings will be held at 11:30 AM in the Legacy Room.

Please check to see the agenda (if one has been posted) or the minutes (once they have been approved). They can be located below....

October 4, 2017

November 1, 2017

December 6, 2017

January 3, 2018

February 7, 2018

March 7, 2018

April 11, 2018

May 2, 2018


It’s never too late to support your Brighton High PTSA with donations and/or memberships. We do NOT hold any fundraisers, so every donation is very much appreciated. If you would like to support Brighton High PTSA, our dues are $7.00 per membership. Please stop by the Main Office to make a donation and/or become a voting member by paying your dues – or you can send your payment with your student. We appreciate all your support.


2016/2017 Bylaws
pngBylaws 1
pngBylaws 2
pngBylaws 3
pngBylaws 4
pngBylaws 5
pngBylaws 6
pngBylaws 7

Agenda and Minutes (2016-2017)

docxSeptember 2016 Agenda

docxAugust 2016 Minutes

docxSeptember 2016 Minutes

docxOctober 2016 Agenda

docxOctober 2016 Minutes

  docxNovember 2016 Agenda

docxNovember 2016 Minutes

docxJanuary 2017 Agenda

docxJanuary 2017 Minutes

  docxFebruary 2017 Agenda

  docxFebruary 2017 Minutes

  docxMarch 2017 Agenda

docMarch 2017 Minutes

docxApril 2017 Agenda

docxApril 2017 Minutes

  docxMay 2017 Minutes



Agenda and Minutes (2015-2016)

docxSeptember 2015

docxSeptember 2015 Minutes

docxOctober 2015 Agenda

docxOctober 2015 Minutes

docxNovember 2015 Agenda

docxNovember 2015 Minutes

docxJanuary 2016 Agenda

docxJanuary 2016 Minutes

docxFebruary 2016 Agenda

docxFebruary 2016 Minutes

docxMarch 2016 Minutes

jpgApril 2016 Minutes

docxMay 2016 Agenda

docxMay 2016 Minutes

Agenda and Minutes (2014-2015)

docMay 2015 Agenda

docApril 2015 Agenda

docNovember 2014 Agenda

pdfOctober 2014 Minutes

docOctober 2014 Agenda

pdfSeptember 2014 Minutes

docSeptember 2014 Agenda

Archived Agendas and Minutes (2013-2014)