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Brighton School Community Council

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Notice of Meeting

The School Community Council meets the second Wednesday of each month at 3:15pm in the media center. Exceptions include: December, Spring Break, and the summer months.

Brighton School Community Council Roster

Cindy Baker, SCC Parent Chair

 Mike Flavin, SCC Parent Vice Chair

Jodi Ide, SCC Faculty Vice Chair

Kathryn Bates, SCC Secretary

xlsxComplete membership 2016/2017

xlsxMeeting Schedule for 2016/2017 School Year

docxOpportunities for Parent Involvement/ Sub Committees

pdfBrighton High School School Community Council Bylaws (Ratified)

docxSchool Land Trust 2016/2017

 pdfCell Tower Document

docxDigital Citizenship--Brighton High School

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month of the school year at 3:15 pm in the school Media Center. Any changes to the schedule will be properly noticed to the public through the school website. Parents and Patrons are welcome to attend these public meetings. If agenda time is desired, please contact the Principal or SCC Chair at least 1 week prior to the scheduled meeting.

 2016/2017 School Year Agendas and Minutes                                                

docxSeptember 2016 Agenda

  docxSeptember 2016 Minutes

jpgOctober 2016 Agenda

  docxOctober 2016 Minutes

  docxNovember 2016 Agenda

  docxJanuary 2017 Agenda

docxFebruary 2017 Agenda

docx March 2017 Agenda

  docxMarch 2017 Minutes

  docxApril 2017 Agenda

docxApril 2017 Minutes

docxMay 2017 Agenda

  docxMay 2017 Minutes

 Past School Year (2015/2016) Agenda

  docxSeptember 2015 Agenda               

docx October 2015 Agenda

docxJanuary 2016 Agenda

docxFebruary 2016 Agenda

docxMarch 2016 Agenda

docxApril 2016 Agenda

docxMay 2016 Agenda

 Past School Year (2015/2016) Meeting Notes

docxSeptember 2015 Minutes

docxOctober 2015 Minutes

docxNovember 2015 Minutes

docxJanuary 2016 Minutes

docxFebruary 2016 Minutes

docxMarch 2016 Minutes

docxApril 2016 Minutes

pdfApril 2016 Addendum

docxMay 2016 Minutes

2014/2015 Agendas

docxSeptember 2014 Agenda

docxSeptember 2014 Minutes

docxOctober 2014 Agenda


  docxJanauary 2015 Agenda

docxFebruary 2015 Agenda

docxMarch 2015 Agenda

docxMay 2015 Agenda

2014/2015 Meeting Notes

docxSeptember 2014 Meeting Notes

docxNovember 2014 Meeting Notes

docxJanuary 2015 Meeting Notes

docxFebruary 2015 Meeting Notes

docxMarch 2015 Meeting Notes

docxApril Meeting Notes

docxMay 2015 Notes

Archived Minutes


docxMay Meeting Notes

docxSeptember Agenda

docxSeptember Meeting Notes

docxOctober Agenda

docxOctober Meeting Notes

docxNovember Meeting Notes.docx

docxNovember Agenda

 docxJanuary 2014 Agenda.docx


docxJanuary 2014 Meeting Notes

docxFebruary 2014 Agenda

docxFebruary 2014 Meeting Notes

docxMarch 2014 Meeting Notes

docxApril 2014 Agenda

docxApril 2014 Meeting Notes

docxMay 2014 Agenda

docxLetter to Board Regarding Cell Towers


docJanuary Meeting Notes.doc

docFebruary Meeting Notes

docxMarch Meeting Notes

docxApril Meeting Notes


pdfJanuary 2012 Meeting Notes-revised

pdfFeb 2012 Meeting notes

docxMarch 2012 Meeting notes

pdfApril 2012 Meeting Notes

pdfMay 2012 Meeting notes

pdfSeptember 2012 Meeting Notes

pdfOctober 2012 Meeting Notes

pdfNovember 2012 Meeting Notes