Attendance Policy 2012/2013

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Brighton High Attendance Policy for 2012/2013
Quick Reference Guide for Students

It is the student’s responsibility to track their attendance on Skyward
Parents/Guardians must contact the attendance office by phone or in person within 5 days of their student’s absence or NG will occur
Attendance Office Phone: 801 826-5807

1. To maintain credit in a class, attendance score may not exceed 6 points. Skyward will show NG for classes with more than 6 attendance points.

  1. A (unexcused absences)= 7 pts
  2. G(guardian called within 5 days)= 1 pt
  3. E(documentation for funeral, court, Dr. appointment submitted within 5 days,)= 1 pt
  4. T (student was late within 10 minutes of the tardy bell)= 1pt

2. Fix attendance score by attending ARC

  1. Pay $3.00 in the front office
  2. Attend ARC as soon as possible
  3. ARC is 1 hour long and meets on select days before school (6:00am) or after school (3:00pm). Check the schedule in the main office!
  4. Bring homework. Don’t bring food or electronics!
  5. Identify which class and absence the ARC is to be applied to

3. Make an Appeal--An Attendance Appeals Committee will review extenuating circumstances, appeals will now cost $5.00 which will be charged to the student’s account and must be paid before the end of the year. In limited cases the fee may be waived. Some reasons to appeal:

  1. Parent/Guardian forgets to call in an absence within 5 days
  2. Parent/Guardian forgets to send in documentation within 5 days
  3. Extended illness
  4. Documented absences are included in attendance score which exceeds 6 points.
  5. Unusual family crisis or an extraordinary personal problem may be explained to a Vice-Principal or Counselor who will request a waiver from the Appeals Committee

How to petition

  1. Obtain a form from the Attendance office.
  2. Fill out the form completely, attach any needed documentation.
  3. Student will be notified of the committee’s decision in about 7 days

4. Recovering credit (NG recovery)--If an NG is unresolved at the end of the trimester, ARC attendance prior to mid-term of the following trimester may be used to recover the grade. After that point, the NG cannot be removed and may affect a student’s ability to graduate. NG recovery will not give credit for an F grade.

  1. Because it is for a previous trimester, the cost is $5.00 per ARC.
  2. Follow the procedures for attending ARC but when purchasing the ARC ticket, inform the front office that it is for “NG recovery”.
  3. Identify which class from the previous trimester to apply the “NG recovery”